DanceBreak Session 8:
New Year

Presented via Facebook Live

Happy New Year Everyone! Tune in to DanceBreak Friday, January 15, 2020 8PM on the Studio@620 Facebook Page as your hosts Alexander Jones and Esophia Higgins-Wilkins discuss dance goals, and the future of performance and practice in the new year. Let’s kick things off on the right foot.

DanceBreak will be streaming live via the Studio@620 Facebook Page.
Show your support for the artists during this difficult time, by making a donation during the session. All proceeds will go towards the artists, collaborators, and production of this experiment. Thank you!
Presented via Facebook Live – use this link to find the correct page:
If you don’t see the live stream program starting at the appointed time, try refreshing your screen. Otherwise there is nothing special to do!

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