Hauntizaar 2021

Presented by St. Pete Craft Heroes

Signature Event Series Art

The Hauntizaar, a hand made arts bazaar focused on Halloween and Day of the Dead creations, is being resurrected! We’re excited to gather the greatest ghouls, creepiest creators, and strangest sellers for this one day event. Admission is free, but bring bones to barter and take home some fabulous treasures from the dark side.

Vendors and guests are requested to wear masks–make yours part of a costume and have some fun while being safe!

If you would like to volunteer during this event, please CLICK HERE to sign up!


2021 Vendors

Armillata Designs

Caelan Jefferey Art

Chain Assembly

Cottontail Vintage

Earth and Origin

Brandy Heinrich

I Am So Not Cool

Pamela Joy Trow

Moonlight Sticker Co.

Morbid Curiositea

October Oddities

Our Lady of Perpetual Pickles

Phoenix Fire Designs


Spacebat Designs

Brandy Stark & the Spirits of St. Petersburg

St. Pete is Super Cool

The Crafty Hag

UndRground Market



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