Leave A Poem / Take A Poem

A Pop-Up Community Poetry Installation

Signature Event Series Poetry

You’re invited to participate in a community poetry project! Based on the concept of those penny trays at convenience stores, The Studio@620 is creating a “Leave a Poem/Take A Poem” community pop-up installation.

We’ll create a space where you can hang a short poem of your own-bring one that you’ve prepared and printed out or we’ll have some paper and pencils on hand as well that you can use. If you care to, select a poem that was written by someone else to take with you. We’re hoping to have a full display of poems for the dates of April 15-18, 2021.

Not sure where to start with writing a poem? Perhaps our daily posts on Facebook and Instagram will inspire you! Or check out our friends at Keep St. Pete Lit who partner with us to bring monthly poetry events online.

Start penning your poems now and plan to bring them down to display starting April 15, 2021.

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