Hauntizaar 2021 Call for Vendors

Hosted by St. Pete Craft Heroes

Signature Event Series Art

This one is only for the spooky kids, ghouls, fiends, weirdos…. those lurking on the fringe…   Fear not, your favorite holiday show has returned from the dark side of the pandemic!
We are excited to announce that applications are now being accepted for HAUNTIZAAR 2021!

EVENT DATE: Saturday October 16, 2021

SHOW TIMES:  12:00 – 6:00 PM


WHAT’S GOOD:  Remember all items sold at Hauntizaar must be related to Halloween/Day of the Dead themes AND must be hand made by you–no imports or resale of goods, which includes vintage wares. We have a high standard for hand made wares and are looking for products that are not primarily made from mass produced parts. That said, we will consider items made with upcycled/repurposed components. For example, a vintage purse would not be accepted but a vintage purse that you have creatively enhanced in some way might be. Or, antique dishware would not be accepted but dishware you have given a new end use or purpose to through your creative manipulation might be. This is a showcase for unique hand crafted wares with a spooky or mystical vibe. We know you can dig that!

Vendors are selected based on originality of designs and quality of craftsmanship. A variety of wares is the goal without too many vendors selling the same type of items. This means some vendors may be excluded simply because there are too many folks selling the same thing (i.e. jewelry) The Craft Heroes also take into consideration the history of the Studio@620 and the audience who have attended the past Hauntizaar events in the selection process.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Applicants will be notified by email in late summer if they have been accepted as a vendor or not. Once accepted, vendor invoices will be issued via Paypal payable to The Studio@620. Vendor fee is $85 for one 8ft table and one chair (provided for you for easy set up!)

In order to maintain comfortable social distance, a maximum of 2 people per 8ft x 3ft vendor space are permitted. (This means yes you can bring a helper but please don’t bring your whole support crew to hang out during the show.) Additional show details will be provided once vendor fees are paid.

The Studio@620 is an active gallery and may have artwork on the walls so vendor displays must be contained on your table and cannot lean or hang on walls. Vendor fee is due upon acceptance to the event. Failure to respond promptly will result in forfeiture of participation.

All vendors are expected to self-promote this event to their audience.

PANDEMIC NOTE: While things seem to be heading in the right direction, there are still some unknowns with regard to the pandemic. With luck and good science we’ll be able to hold a traditional looking event in October, but there is always potential for change given the uncertainty of virus variants etc. It is recommended that vendors be vaccinated well in advance of participation.

The optimal event will be held as in years past. But if conditions warrant, the number of accepted vendors may be reduced and there may be a need for crowd management as shoppers come and go from the event. Vendors selling food products or other goods may or may not be permitted to offer samples. Vendors may or may not be required to wear masks while inside the building. We will make all of these decisions in late summer/early fall. Until then we just have to remain flexible and hopeful and get the ball rolling by putting in an application!

Apply by filling out the following form.

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