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As you know, YES is the motto at 620 and as a result The Studio has become one of the greatest incubators of artistic talent in St. Petersburg. Painters, performers, musicians, and writers all have a home here. Many groups and individuals have started here, bringing only their inspiration to the table, and with the support and mentoring of The Studio, have since gone on to build successful careers.

The YES Club is being established to ensure this opportunity continues for years to come. As the founder of this initiative, Reuben and Jami Pressman have pledged to provide an annual contribution of $6200 per year for 10 years and are seeking 50 supporters for this worthwhile endeavor to secure The Studio’s legacy.

Achieving this goal will enable The Studio to operate soundly for 10 years or more and will allow the board to begin focusing on other forms of support such as the start of an endowment, more scholarships and significant grants.

As St. Petersburg grows, we must ensure the arts remain in sharp focus – from the emerging arts, to Broadway, to centuries old classics.

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