Second Saturday Art Walk

Featuring Rebekah Lazaridis


Step into the enchanting world of bloom and residue, an immersive art dance experience brought to life by projectAlchemy in collaboration with the visionary artist Rebekah Lazaridis. Be among the first to witness the magic unfold at this exclusive behind-the-scenes peek as Rebekah develops a new mural live during Art Walk on Saturday March 9, 2024 from 5-9PM. The installation will be provide an immersive set for the upcoming “Bloom and Residue” dance program by projectALCHEMY happening at The Studio on March 21-23, 2024.

Sip on bubbly rose as you immerse yourself in the mesmerizing “work in progress” of a stunning Rose of Jericho mural, adorned with installed panels of fabric and captivating projections of short dance films, all inspired by the timeless themes of cycle and magic. Additionally you may marvel at the captivating artworks of local talents Sarah Hamilton and Delaney Hatfield, each piece a reflection of the movement from bloom to residue, echoing the essence of our immersive experience. Original artworks, prints, and etchings will be available for purchase in the gallery, ensuring you can take a piece of this magical night home with you.

Rebekah Lazaridis is a multidisciplinary artist behind bloom and residue. Having an extensive background in professional theater as a scenic artist, Rebekah’s work has included large scale installations, immersive art experiences, theatrical design, illustration and mural work. Currently she creates architectural renderings of homes and nostalgic spaces and is the artist behind @homeillustrations. You can find her work at

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