SPOK: Socratic Pursuit of Knowledge

December Topic: Climate Change and Environmental Racism

Signature Event Series SPOK: Socratic Pursuit of Knowledge

The Studio@620 welcomes SPOK: the Socratic Pursuit of Knowledge, as part of our Social Justice Initiative.

This new discussion series consists of a small gathering of local young adults that attempt to bring nuance and
understanding to controversial and often overlooked issues. These topics can be anything from the recent protests on police brutality, to free trade, climate change and environmental racism, reparations, democracy, gun ownership, the development of countries, gender, religious freedom, and even the ethics of cannibalism, yes, cannibalism. The young people are a collection of college graduates and poets that specialize in formal debate and respectful social critique.

Discussions will be broadcast via Facebook Live Stream.

The SPOK squad consists of:

Denzel Johnson-Green: 25, poet, founder of Community Poetry, House Manager of Studio@620

Jared Morgenstein: 25, Bachelors in Political Science and Masters in Education at USFSP

Melissa Keles: 21, Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences at USFSP

Ryan McGahan: 21, Bachelors in Journalism at USFSP, Tampa Bay Times

Each month on Facebook Live, the debaters will choose a subject, research it, and discuss their findings openly to the community. They will first explain the issue or topic at hand, test the common understanding of the subject, reveal facts perhaps largely unknown or misunderstood, and create dialogue from conservative, moderate, and liberal viewpoints and delve into ethical theories and philosophy. No topic is off limits, and just as the philosopher Socrates did in Ancient Greece, they will leave no argument unheard! Prepare to give your brain a vigorous exercise and question everything you know!

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