Thee Debauchery Ball


Thee Debauchery Ball documentary tells the story of a single house music event that grew to become the only fetish-themed, BDSM friendly, body-positive, house party in the city of Chicago and has helped redefine Black music, community, art, and sexuality. All topics that are often maligned in the Black community.

The documentary tells the personal story of the founding DJ and participants who look upon this event as a bastion of freedom and an escape from preconceived notions. The documentary covers the time period from The Debauchery Ball of 2017 to The Debauchery Ball of 2018 with footage from the current state of the event. The stories are structured around three individuals instrumental to the conception and growth of the event, Khari B, the founder, William Dunn, the DJ, and Erika Jarvis, the longest-running patron, and dancer. The founder of the event, Khari B’s experiences through the decades reflect the struggles of putting this event together despite Chicago having the strongest House Music community in the world.

Featured Subjects: Khari B, Pia Easley, William “Big Will” Dunn, Michael Tekhen Strode, Dhe-Di Willoughby, Chanel Beebe, Summer Coleman, Abena Kawana, Craig Alexander, Erika Jarvis

David Weathersby

David Weathesby and Khari Bowden

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