Virtual Radio Theatre Live One More Time!

Radio Theatre Project LIVE

Signature Event Series Radio Theatre Project LIVE

The Studio@620 is excited to offer a virtual performance of the Radio Theatre Project Live!

It’s a rare and glorious privilege to present “With Your Wings” by John Steinbeck, read by Bob Devin Jones, with a special contribution from Sharon Scott. A previously unpublished short story that Steinbeck wrote for a radio series during WWII, the story was read by Orson Welles on that broadcast. The beauty and economy of Steinbeck’s language tell a powerful story of a Black airman returning home, that’s still achingly relevant today. Copyright  2014 by Waverly Kaffaga, Executrix of the Estate of Elaine A. Steinbeck

Then, it’s clearly time to laugh at the pandemic, and Tom Sivak wrote the perfect radio play to do it. “FAX News at Five!” is an absurd take on gullibility, on-air personalities, and pandemic panic, all in the capable, comedic hands of RTP actors Lisa Tricomi, Jim Wicker, David Warner and Dean Wick.

Foley artist Matt Cowley will be there to work his magic on both pieces.

The show will be streamed on The Studio@620’s FaceBook page on Monday, May 24, 2021 at 7 PM.

Suggested donation $15. Use “Donate Now” button to contribute to the funding for this program!

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